The Cheating Chef's Cookbook

The Cheating Chef's Cookbook
517 Delicious Dishes in 4 Steps or Less
By The Editors of Reader's Digest
Published by Trusted Media Brands
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Want to have everyone scratching their heads over how you made such a delicious meal? Thanks to The Cheating Chef' s Secret Cookbook, the secrets will remain your own—including the fact that you made your dish in under four steps!

Have you ever wondered why, no matter how carefully you follow a famous chef's recipe, your food doesn't turn out looking or tasting like his? Well, it might not be your fault—perhaps you’re just missing those special "tricks" that can elevate a dish to a different level. With The Cheating Chef’s Secret Cookbook, not only will you learn many of the methods these chefs use but you'll also be able to make each and every one of the 517 recipes in four steps or less! Recipes include:
  • Pancakes that are light and fluffy because they're made with buttermilk and baking soda
  • An omelet that is made perfectly using a piping hot nonstick pan and a rubber scrapper
  • Scrambled eggs—the secret to getting that perfect texture is cream cheese!
  • Two-step hummus, the flavor of which is intensified by pretasting the spices
  • Buffalo wings that are made yummier by adding sugar to hot sauce
  • Tomato soup, which gets its intense flavor from the rind of a block of parmigiana reggiano cheese
  • Sirloin beef that comes out perfectly cooked each and every time—the trick is waiting until the beef is room temperature before cooking
  • Beef roll-ups, which can be made with jarred teriyaki sauce jazzed up with ketchup and hot sauce
  • Chicken breasts that use mustard to adhere the bread crumbs to the chicken
  • Three-step egg salad that uses celery seed instead of celery pieces
  • Macaroni and cheese made with pureed cottage cheese to cut down on the calories that typically accompany white sauce
  • Easy three-step peanut butter cookies made with cornflakes
paperback | 336 pages | 7 3/4 x 10 x 7/8 | 9781606522417 | July 21, 2011