Taste of Home Lazy-Day Dinners, Desserts & More

Taste of Home Lazy-Day Dinners, Desserts & More

Taste of Home Lazy-Day Dinners, Desserts & More
Dishes So Easy …They Almost Make Themselves!
Taste of Home Quick & Easy
By The Editors of Taste of Home
Published by Trusted Media Brands, Taste of Home


Discover the joy of nearly effortless cooking with Taste of Home Lazy-Day Dinners, Desserts & More, a cookbook made with the busy cook in mind. Say goodbye to long ingredient lists and hours of kitchen prep, and say hello to delicious homemade meals that dazzle with their simplicity. That’s the magic of dump recipes — unbelievably simple yet incredibly tasty dishes that require so little effort, they practically cook themselves! Using just a few ingredients and following simple steps, you can create mouthwatering dishes on your timetable—things like breakfast while you sleep, meals ready to serve when you walk in the door, and even hot homemade breads, scrumptious dump cakes and astoundingly simple sweets.

• Mealtimes made easy with 200+ flavorful dishes you just toss together and cook. We’ve rounded up our un-fussiest recipes into one handy collection.
• Discover recipes for every type of dish—from breakfast that cooks while you sleep to simmer-all-day soups and dump desserts ready in a flash.
• Easy, breezy gatherings, thanks our Sandwiches chapter brimming with sloppy joes, pulled barbecues and more crowd-pleasing options, plus simple Snacks & Sips.
• Handy freeze icon indicates recipes store well and cook up in a jiffy.
• Pantry sweets and breads have never been easier. Short ingredient lists, simple mix-and-bake techniques and shortcut products make homemade cakes, dump desserts and even breads a snap.
• Budget-friendly and versatile ingredients add up to go-to recipes the busy cook will reach for time and again.
• Bonus chapter of “Dump & Go Meal Preps” is packed with timesaving ways to win the what’s-for-dinner game. Prep, freeze and go for future meals!

Paperback | 256 pages | $19.99 USD | 7" x 9" | 9798889770381 | August 6, 2024