99 Cent Solutions

Reader's Digest 99 Cent Solutions

Reader's Digest 99 Cent Solutions
1465 Smart & Frugal Uses for Everyday Items
By The Editors of Reader's Digest
Published by Trusted Media Brands, Inc., Reader's Digest


What's in the aisles of your favorite dollar store and how can you use them in multiple ways? 99 Cent Solutions contains 1465 smart and frugal uses for everyday items that save you time and money.
99 Cent Solutions helps you save money, time and aggravation with 1465 ways to use common, everyday items found at the dollar store, grocery store or hardware store! Save money on groceries, health and beauty, cleaning supplies, housewares, tools and more.

Did you know you can...

-Use bubble wrap to protect freshly planted trees?

-Use ketchup to make copper glow?

-Use a bandage to in place of a thimble?

-Use a bungee cord as a yoga strap?

-Use a party balloon as an ice pack?

-Use baking soda between paving stones to keep weeds away?



-Healthy & Beauty

- Outdoor Spaces

-Cleaning & Home Supplies



-School & Party Supplies


Paperback | 256 pages | $15.99 USD | 7" x 9" | 9781621455561 | June 29, 2021