Family Handyman DIY Trade Secrets

Family Handyman DIY Trade Secrets

Family Handyman DIY Trade Secrets
Family Handyman
By The Editors of The Family Handyman
Published by Trusted Media Brands, Family Handyman


Introducing DIY Trade Secrets, the ultimate guide to transforming your home with expert advice from the pros at Family Handyman magazine! 
Created by the team known for a commitment to quality, craftsmanship and overall DIY awesomeness, this must-have book is a treasure trove of fix-it knowledge for today's homeowners.

Master the secrets behind hundreds of floor-to-ceiling improvements guaranteed to save money on service calls. From painting, drywalling and electrical work to carpentry and automotive and roof repairs, the projects in this incredible resource couldn’t be easier to follow. You’ll even find expert tips on lawn care and storage as well as the maintenance techniques that keep homes running smoothly. Whether you're a seasoned DIYer or a newbie, DIY Trade Secrets is the trusted companion every homeowner needs!

Don't miss your opportunity to cut costly repair bills, improve your know-how and turn living spaces into thumbs-up showrooms. Grab a copy of Family Handyman DIY Trade Secrets today and tackle your home-improvement projects with
speed, savings and success.


  • Hundreds of projects, repairs, hints and tips to keep your home and yard in top-notch shape without costly service calls.
  • Expert advice from today’s repair professionals as well as the trusted team at Family Handyman magazine.
  • Step-by-step directions for every home project, including electrical updates, woodworking, door and window repair, painting and staining, and more.
  • Bonus advice regarding lawn care, automotive maintenance and storage suggestions.

Painting & Finishes
Floors, Ceilings & Walls
Doors, Windows & Trim
Remodeling, Energy Saving & Electricity
Exterior Lawn & Paving
Garage & Automotive

Paperback | 272 pages | $19.99 USD | 8 1/8" x 10 7/8" | 9798889770589 | October 1, 2024