1801 Home Remedies

1801 Home Remedies

1801 Home Remedies
Doctor-Approved Treatments for Everyday Health Problems
By The Editors of Reader's Digest
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You don't have to run to the doctor for every bruise, backache, cut, or cold. Chances are, the solution you need is right at hand. From bee stings to bunions, heat rash to hiccups, warts to wrinkles, here are doctor-approved treatments for more than 100 health complaints—remedies that are easy, safe, clever, and effective.

Learn how to use:

  • ginger to reduce arthritis pain
  • acupressure to ease a toothache
  • tennis balls to stop snoring
  • crushed aspirin tablets to soften a corn
  • dandelion to flush out kidney stones
  • a mustard footbath to ease a headache

...plus discover the 20 Top Household Healers you should keep on hand for emergencies, from aloe vera to baking soda to zinc.

Long before the age of high-tech medicine, people healed themselves at home using time-tested techniques. With the help of our board of medical advisors and modern-day scientific research, Reader's Digest has selected the very best herbs, foods, and household healers to help you feel better fast, without expensive drugs and with fewer side effects.

paperback | 448 pages | 7 3/4 X 10 X 1.200 | 9781621452140 | February 3, 2015